Cross-disciplinary conference platform dedicated to current ethical issues & challenges

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We believe that collective ethical awareness and responsible decision making are the foundations of a long-term sustainable society.

At EthicalNow, we provide an independent platform of active voices who seek to promote change through the acceleration of ethical thinking. We do this by facilitating critical thinking on concrete cases and by gathering innovative visions and practices from individuals and organisations that value open inquiry and respectful dialogue. With this unique multi-disciplinary collaborative approach, we aim to align ethical principles, methods and best practices and to empower people and organisations to embrace social evolution and economical progress.

Who We Are

EthicalNow is the premier cross-disciplinary conference platform dedicated to current ethical issues & challenges.

We aim at providing a forum for open and forward-oriented discussions on concrete ethical concerns and their social impact.

EthicalNow brings together the visionaries from many fields that are shaping the world of tomorrow along with business, academic and cultural leaders to form an open platform dedicated to rethinking and integrating ethical values into practice, education, research and development.

What We Do

We structure our events by investigating into critical ethical challenges that industries and societies face today.

Our goal is to render the most effective learning and networking platform and to create impactful and pragmatic conferences.

We are devoted to deliver distinctive and comprehensive events by maintaining the highest quality and standards.

Why EthicalNow

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” – Socrates

At our 1st Annual Conference dedicated to contemporary ethical issues & challenges your organisation shall benchmark advanced strategies, gain the latest knowledge and a competitive edge while enjoying a 5 star environment.

We cordially invite you to meet & greet with your peers to discuss the current challenges and future ethical trends.

EthicalNow Program


The conference is soliciting literature review, survey, business case study and research papers and comments including, whilst not limited to, the following areas of interest

Ethics Today

  • Today we seem to be confronted with a growing disregard for ethical standards. The erosion of these ethical norms is a source of social anxiety, creating distrust and moral insensitivity. In order to consolidate the basis of our society, we must strive to understand the sources of our growing moral confusion. Only by questioning current ethical assumptions, can we continue to develop common ethical understanding.

  • Are ethics a necessity or luxury?
  • The ethical dilemma
  • Is our brain designed to act ethically?
  • Modelling an ethical being through education
  • The ethics of the future

Global Ethics

  • Can a person, nation or company truly be ‘successful’ while causing human suffering or irreparable environmental damage? Recognition and respect for diversity should not be the ground for relativism of values and principles. Without some kind of universal ethics there can be no way forward and no possibility of change. A universal ethic is a moral system that applies universally to all of humanity, and thus transcends culture and traditions.

  • Universal ethics
  • Living with differing and conflicting values
  • International corporate ethics
  • Global justice

Professional Ethics

  • Professional associations have codes of ethics. Yet principles can only trigger our conscience or guide our decisions. A framework of laws and regulations has evolved that has improved work place behaviour. However areas of ethical misconduct in work practices abound. Ethical issues arise when businesses favour top management or shareholders interests over those of employees or of third parties. As social players, can and should businesses and organisations be role models?

  • Business ethics
  • Ethical decision making framework
  • Workplace ethics management
  • Progressive organisational structures
  • Corporate social responsibility

Ethics & Innovation

  • Integrating traditional moral theory with emerging technical capabilities allows for new and engaging insights. New ways of doing business and many of the changes brought about by technology and globalization raise ethical issues and require regulatory reforms. Interaction of public policy and legislation, changes to business cultures and practices as well as shifts in consumer attitudes call for new and open models of innovation management.

  • Drivers of innovation
  • Innovation vs. human needs
  • Systemic approach: revolution in innovation?
  • Social and cultural innovation
  • Research ethics

Consumption & Marketing

  • Consumption is a serious ethical issue today, which needs genuine thought. What is Ethical Consumption? Some view it as a zone of democratic potential, engaging people in places and ways that conventional politics cannot; others as an individualistic form of politics. Is it possible to make sense and find common ground in a fractured field of often dissociated and contradictory practices?

  • Contradictory consumption and public misleading
  • Consumption vs. consumerism
  • Greenwashing and profit-seeking actions
  • Corporate social responsibility vs. corporate social accountability
  • Consumers of tomorrow

Ethical Finance

  • The global financial crisis and the consequent negative social impacts have caused civil society to reflect upon the urgent need to move towards an economy based on ethical values. Ethical Finance models are beginning to emerge bringing opportunity for investment in new sectors, providing a higher level of control and transparency to investors, and offering solutions to population groups and businesses normally excluded from the traditional banking system.

  • What is ethical money?
  • Current financial system: for the benefit of a few
  • Ethical investments and ethical financial products
  • Co-operatives, crowd-funding and alternative lending


  • TechnoEthics explores privacy, big data, social media, the “right to be forgotten”, cybersecurity, and other issues in internet ethics. It can be used to determine the level of ethical responsibility that should be associated with outcomes of the use of technology, whether intended or unintended. The negative impacts that many scientific and technological innovations have had on humans and the environment have led to some scepticism and resistance to increasing dependence on technology.

  • Big Data, Internet of Things and Business Intelligence
  • Internet ethics
  • Digital marketing strategies
  • The hidden dimension of social networks
  • Algorithmic decision making and accountability
  • Memory in the Information Age and the “right to be forgotten”

Ethical Audit & Regulatory

  • Rapidly changing landscape of organisational life and recent history of unethical business practices have given rise to public debates concerning organisational responsibility. The advent of virtual organisations has bolstered ethical problems by providing more opportunities for fraudulent behaviour and the production of misinformation. Ethical regulatory frameworks adopted by professional organisations and authorities can help enforce a rule of conduct including a system of preventive audit, investigation, complaints, and their resolution.

  • Ethics and law
  • Ethical audit framework
  • Audit and public opinion
  • Ethical management benchmarking

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Theoretical and empirical papers in all suggested areas including case studies related to the innovation in ethical practices and related fields are welcome.

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A single attending author may present a maximum of three papers onsite. 

The presentation, award submission and proceedings submission for a paper must all be in English language.  

All submissions must be in Microsoft Word format. 

Include the contact information for all authors on the first page of the document. 

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Submission of your paper for proceedings publication implies you have read and agree to the EthicalNow statement of ethics. By submitting a paper, you certify that all co-authors are aware of the submission and consent to presentation of the work.

Early submissions are greatly appreciated.

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Ethics & Innovation

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Ethics & Innovation

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Ethics Today

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Ethics & Innovation

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Professional Ethics

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Ethical Finance

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Ethics Today

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Global Ethics

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